Tattoo Safety

We boast our sanitation practices by using a when in doubt throw it out philosophy.  We don't use metal tubes as some shops do, because we feel any materials that come into contact with potential diseases should be disposed of. Instead we use the best materials on the market..including Cheyenne safety cartridges, which cost TWICE the price of standard needles. We also take the extra time to wrap all of our machines, wires, plugs, power supplies, and triple barrier all of our workstations. We use hospital grade no touch disinfectant dispensers. And even our bathroom towels are no touch auto feed. We keep you safe and in turn we stay safe!

Tattoo Process

Walk-ins / Scheduled Appointments

Walk-ins are always welcome! We do require all of our clients to consult with an artist and allow for drawing time before getting tattooed. We view each tattoo as a unique piece of art and should be treated as such. Deposits are required to schedule a tattoo session and will go toward the total price of your tattoo. Because deposits are non-refundable, we recommend having a consultation before scheduling an appointment.

Choosing Your Tattoo Design

If you are looking for some ideas for a tattoo, clients can come into the shop and browse our huge variety of flash, concepts, and galleries. Our artist portfolios can be viewed online and in professional portfolios available at the shop counter. If possible, bring in your own renderings or photos for us to use as a guide.

Tattoo Pricing

The price of your tattoo will vary depending on its size, detail and placement on your body. We ask that you be as descriptive as possible when working with your artist and allow for sufficient drawing time. Remember that in this industry it truely is "You get what you pay for"