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Altered Reality Tattoo was established in 2005.  This shop was the first in Clark County and surrounding areas to use ONLY disposable plastic tattoo tubes. As we continue to lead the area in getting the best you can buy: We now use CHEYENNE SAFETY CARTRIDGES; which don't come at a cheap price.  Many talented artists have worked in this shop, and many changes have come along with that.  The goal of the shop is to provide a place for you to get a great piece of art, a great customer experience, and an overall sense that you are welcome.  As time progresses forward the goal is to provide a unique personal experience in a "appointment only" atmosphere, where you, the client can get your tattoo with as little interference as possible.  That reality is getting closer each and every day we are in business. WALK INS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED!! and can be helped by our shop Manager with any questions that they may have. Tattoo's are as unique as the individual who is getting them, make informed decisions on who you allow yourself to get tattooed by! 

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